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The Kuku’nathi is an Indigenous bird that lives in a large community nest. Each bird has a role to contribute to the community be that hunting, building, providing care or teaching the young.


They operate independently but return to the community nest each night. Kuku’nathi Services takes a similar approach – we can all bring something to the 'nest' to develop an empowered, inclusive community.



Kuku’nathi Services is an Indigenous-led hub providing services to empower the communities in Western Cape York. Built on the pillars of honesty, integrity, commitment and dedication our inclusive services provide for family security, safety and prosperity.


Kuku’nathi Services provides a network of services including employment, training, business solutions and project management. We work with governments and businesses of all sizes who operate locally; and individuals looking for employment opportunities regardless of race, age, religion, gender identity, sexuality and ability.


We remain connected to our Indigenous heritage and committed to stronger representation of our culture in community investments. We reference our history and learn from our ancestors to shape our path. Inclusively empowering Indigenous communities is at the heart of all we do.


Kuku’nathi Services is an incorporated standalone organisation developed through a joint venture initiative between Mokwiri Enterprises and My Pathway.



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